The Lamb Company


The Lamb Company is a diversified, integrated food services company offering a wide array of Iamb and related protein products. Our company is built upon the attributes of New Zealand and Australia...clean air, mountain-pure water, green pastures, and the very best premium quality Iamb in the world - unparalleled in taste, tenderness and consistency. Our company's high level of vertical integration, coupled with our significant size and our commitment to customer service, enables us to consistently offer the highest quality products at prices that represent good value for consumers and excellent margins for our customers.

For more than 35 years, the Lamb Company has been the leading marketer of Iamb products in North America. Owned by a consortium of international meat companies, the Lamb Company is in the unique position of having direct production supply channels.

Through subsidiaries and associations, the Company is involved in importing, warehousing and distributing, ensuring customers of consistent supply of both fresh and frozen Iamb. But it is the quality and range of products that is of the most importance. Starting with the world's most comprehensive meat classification and grading system, our customers can expect consistency in product yield, convenience in preparation, not to mention unsurpassed flavor and tenderness. With fresh and frozen products, traditional and custom cuts, and a wide range of pre-packaged offerings, the Lamb Company is committed to responding to its customers needs in order that our customers are able to respond to the demands of the ultimate consumer.

It tastes good... Naturally!