The Lamb Company

Better For You

Discover how lamb can be a part of a healthy diet!

Naturally Lean

Grass Fed Lamb is naturally lean and lower in fat and cholesterol compared to other grain red meats.


Higher in Omega 3

Our grass fed Lamb is higher in Omega 3 and is a healthy source of lean protein, minerals and B & E vitamins. Independent studies have shown that Omega 3 is proven to aid in living a heart-healthy lifestyle.


All Natural, Antibiotics Free –

Our pastured lambs are raised using traditional family methods, combined with the most modern standards in ethical and humane treatment to produce lambs that are free from antibiotics and added hormones. The stress-free environment produces tender and mild lamb.

Unpaved Road Winding Through Grassland

No Hormones or Growth Promotants Added

We believe in letting our animals grow naturally by eating an all vegetarian diet of pastureland grasses and fresh water.


Excellent source of Protein, Iron and Vitamins

Lamb can be enjoyed as a part of a naturally balanced, healthy diet.