The Lamb Company

Our Brands and Products

At the Lamb Company, we are proud to offer a premium range of lamb, beef, venison and other meat products with no antibiotics or hormones added.
a2-OPBoneless Shoulder

The Lamb Company is North America’s leading importer of premium protein lamb, beef and venison from Australia and New Zealand. We have established unique and distinctive brands for each of our product lines to help consumers distinguish their key features. Our brands represent our bond to you the consumer of our steadfast commitment to quality, purity, consistency, sustainability, reliability and value from farm to table.

New Zealand Spring Lamb is raised by multi-generational family farmers on lush pasture of sweet grass and clover. Our attention to sustainability via sound animal welfare and land management programs ensures our animals are humanely raised.

Australian Opal Valley Lamb is a product of its environment. Australia’s vast pastures, clean rainfall and brilliant sunshine, coupled with advanced farm management, animal husbandry and meat processing techniques result in mild and tender lamb.

Our New Zealand Spring Lamb and Australian Opal Valley Lamb are high in protein, certified halal, all natural, antibiotic free and raised without added hormones. They are available both in chilled fresh and frozen. We offer a wide range of bone-in and boneless Lamb cuts that are pre-trimmed for fast and easy preparation.